The North East Has A Secret …. Public Secret

Public Secret @ The Cluny

By Dee

My photographer, Sarah Louise has been telling me for ages about this band called Public Secret, a new band from our region that I must go and see. With having lots of shows to attend, it’s been a difficult situation trying to go along to one of their shows. HOWEVER on Monday 16th January 2012 I made a vow to be part of a secret, PUBLIC SECRET!

Not only was this my first visit to witness the band, but it was also my first ever outing to the Cluny in Byker. Let me set the scene for you, the room is nice and cosy, almost intimate, as some secrets can be.

Yes there are other bands playing that night, but my prime intrest is in the talents of P.S. who come in the form of Chris Steel (lead guitarist), Brett Pierre (Bassist) , Joe Bullimore (Drummer) and their fantastic lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Andy Tatters.

From the outset the whole band give a remarkable performance, the energy of this band is unbelievable, it’s hard to imagine that this is only their 10th gig, and already their creating a vibe with their music.  Its hard for any new listener not to fall in love with their music instantly, because their enthusiasm and stage presence as well as their chemistry as 4 talented north east musicians makes you hooked to them the more and more they continue with their set.

There were a number of tracks which stood out for me. Firstly Devil in The Making. Tatters opens with his superb vocals, then when you least expect it, the song kicks in. This gives the audience a pleasant suprise, because you have a combination of insane vocals, stunning riffs, and fecking catchy riffs. The whole way this song is delivered not only compliments the lyrics but also highlights the skills of the band.

Cruise Control is the next highlight of their set. This shows how the band are not afraid to experiment and take a gamble. The song starts with a seductive and soul-consuming solo by Steely. A chance for him to put a bit of hardcore influence on the bands music, plus show as his name suggests, that when it comes to guitar riffs and solos, he is the MAN OF STEEL ha! I would probably say that Cruise Control is a song to go hyper to.

Taking another risk, the band attempted to show off some of their influences, with their own take on the classic Velvet Revolver song, Slither. Many of you know by now that when it comes to covers, I am not a big fan so takes a lot of convincing to make me pay attention….I can be cruel like that ha!  But anyway all I can say about the P.S version is, Fuck ME!!! Tatters vocals in this song are outstanding and first class. Next time any band announces they’re gonna do a cover I will learn not to be so judgemental and bias and approach with caution, because seriously the way Public Secret delivered this song would make the legends themselves bow to their greatness.

For me the song of the night had to be Hide and Seek. One of P.S’s own creation supposedly based on a situation involving their drummer Joe, it appeals to me not only for its quirkyness, but there is a story behind it, a common day problem many of us face, how to deal with an awkward situation and a guilty conscience. That’s what I love even more about this NEW LOCAL BAND, how they have come so far in such a short space of time and can take an everyday situation, and mould it into a superb and catchy song!

After the set was over (somewhat 35 to 40 minutes) I had a chance to have a word with the lads. You know how some bands can sometimes let the ego go to their head, well not these lads, they’re the most down to earth set of people I know. Not only are they a band, but they are good mates. We would never have a Public Secret in the North East, had it not been for Tatters and Joe saying that starting P.S would be a good thing, and thank god they didnt go back on their dream.

Joe being in other bands, said that Public Secret gave him a different type of a buzz as he was able to have more of an input and experiment with different genres of music. The band’ s influences are quite open minded and varied, which makes it impossible for the critics to pigeon-hole them, but you know what? I dont care, because P.S. are creating an identity of their own. That may sound cliche, but it’s true!

Still finding a direction to go with their music, I have no doubt that Public Secret will soon be a secret that everyone wished they knew! Lads, you’re gonna go far in the local scene, and I commend you for all your hard work and determination so far!

In the Words of the Law of D, Go and Check Public Secret Out!



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