Happy Music: By Abby Berridge

I set my newest street teamer and reviewer the task of thinking about the relationship between music and a person’s feelings. Abby was able to use her favourite band, A Day to Remember (an amazing choice) to illustrate how the music helps her. Below you will find her beautiful words, which encourage us the next time we hear a song, dont just listen to the music, listen carefully to the lyrics.


Happy Music By Abby Berridge

When most people are feeling unhappy about something, they reach for their headphones to switch on some ‘Adele’ for a full on depression session. For me, this is totally different. Instead, I’d reach for my headphones and switch on some ‘A Day to Remember’, ‘Enter Shikari’, ‘You Me at Six’, and sometimes maybe even mellower songs from ‘NeverShoutNever’.

So, basically, I’ll listen to just about anything that involves lyrics relating to how I am feeling, but yet is still catchy and upbeat. I guess this element of a band’s music,  gets me into a more cheerful, happy mood, thus helping me to forget about reality for a few minutes.

A Day to Remember is probably most successful for cheering me up, as they are my favourite band. Songs such as ‘All I Want’, ‘Here’s to the Past’, & ‘All Signs Point to Lauderdale’ are probably the best ones that I’ll listen to when I’m feeling down. They’re all really upbeat, and the lyrics always seem to fit the situation I’m in.

The lyrics to ‘All I Want’ say, ‘Keep your hopes up high and your head down low’ which bring me a really positive attitude and make me hopeful.

The lyrics to ‘Here’s to the Past’ say, ‘They said we’d walk away, you’ll never make it if you can’t speak for yourself, they said we’d fade away.’ This especially fits into the situation to if I’ve proven someone wrong, and it’s a confidence boost.

The lyrics to ‘All Signs Point to Lauderdale’ say, ‘I hate this town, it’s so washed up, and all my friends don’t give a fuck.’ Along with an upbeat melody in the background, this is a perfect ‘in your face’ song, which will help release any anger and make you realise, maybe you’re better off without some people in your lives.

This is a prime example of why I adore A Day to Remember so much. They’re just constantly making music which lifts my spirits, and I’m sure I speak for others when I say this too!



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