INTOHIMO – The Journey To Success


Intohimo started up as a band in the summer of 2004, when the guys we’re only 15 – 17 years old. They all felt that it would be fun to play some local gigs besides going to school. All of them had been in contact with the heavier kind of music – Hardcore, Screamo and Emo – before, and it became their natural choice.

They started off with 6 members, Joakim Bergqvist and Jesper Sandberg played the guitar, Jakob Sandgren the Bass, Simon Bohm on the drums and Johan Lindblom and Love Hempel on the vocals. (Hempel later on left the band in the summer of 2007. )Intohimo took all the chances of playing live as they got, and the more they played – more people started showing up.

One year after they started, in the summer of 2005, they had recorded two demos, ”in the deepest of mind” and ”pastpresentandneveragain” and released them by themselves.

When they won the award as ”BEST UNSIGNED ACT” at the swedish national indie-awards in the beginning of 2006, they felt like: ”Hey, this could really turn out to something good. Let’s give it a serious try!”. Things just kept going better and better, they played all around Sweden and the fanbase started to grow, and they recorded their first album. The music developed into more Emo/Screamo with Rock influeces, rather than hardcore.

”Failures, Failures, Failures and Hope” was recorded in the autumn 2006, and was released in March 2007 by the small indielabel Pretty Dirty Promotions. The album got some back-up by the little label, but the band sorted out most of the promotion and booking by themselves.

In 2007 they played shows all across Scandinavia, and the word kept spreading about the band, even though they didn’t have so much backup with promotion.
By 2008 the word had spread outside the scandinavian borders and they got a chance to do a smaller tour in Germany in and one in Belgium in April . Thanks to a huge response in these countries, they could return later on to a big Eurotour in July/August for 3 weeks, across 6 countries.

By the end of the summer, Intohimo got signed by The Unit Music Company, and started working together with Simon Grenehed from Blindside. During the autumn, they wrote and recorded their second album: ”Us; The Hollows”. The sound has developed more to explosive rock with screamo and emo influences. The album was released in April 2009, and was followed up with tourdates in scandinavia and europe.


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