Street Team Picture of the Week Entries:15 January 2012

This Weeks Theme: Bands To Look Out For in 2012

Kate Hollamby Entry

Drew from Summerlin. Upcoming album due out this year, should be giving alot of new bands a run for their money 🙂

Sarah Dalton Entry

“I believe that Public Secret is a band to watch out for in 2012. My reason for this, is that they only started gigging in November on this exact day, and have already played 9 shows around Newcastle, Sunderland, Morpeth, Ashington, and Darlington. I believe this is very good for a band just starting out, and you haven’t heard the whole Secret yet.”

Jay Dawson Entry

Caption: I have a question for Asking Alexandria… 


Nicole Cherry Entry


Scream if you love the bass

Amanda Knox Entry

I Am Maiden’s first gig! 

7th January 2012





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