The Casino Brawl (Dice Management)



The Casino Brawl


Not just a great name The Casino Brawl can back it all up with the perfect combination of soaring melodies and city levelling – bruising breakdowns

TCB were formed in August 2006 with Jonny Ferguson(Synth, vocals, samples) at the helm, Matt Steele (guitar), Marc (guitar), Jamie Common (bass), Luke (drums) the      extremely high pedigree of this band is there for all to see. In early Nov ember 06 TCB went to Outhouse studios (Enter Shikari, Architects, The Hurt process) and recorded their first 4 song demo. Since then they have been playing very successful shows across

Europe with their relentless and unpredictably explosive live shows enforcing and   furthering a furiously expanding international fan-base. Accepted by both the hardcore elite and mainstream sing a long audience this band have it all, constantly galvanizing and inspiring industry and music fans alike wherever they go.

 Due to the large amount of European attention debut EP Save Yourself From the Gates of Hell will be released soon to the high demand and mass anticipation of so many across the UK and further a field.




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