Asking Alexandria: Reckless and Relentless

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Fuck Me This Is Good Stuff!!!

Article by Dee

People often ask me what kind of music I am into, and the truth of the matter is I listen to a variety of genres. Although I may be a pop-punk fanatic at heart, many of my readers will also agree I am never one to turn down a good moshing session down to something on the heavier side. In all honest it unleashes the wild Sir Dee – a person full of hyperness and randomness – Wahoo!

 Anyways back to the matter at hand. There are many great bands that have made me want to mosh till my legs fall off – however one I have been listening to more of most recently is the legends that are Asking Alexandria. I last saw these guys (for the first time as well) at Newcastle’s O2 Academy when they were supported by the likes of Chelsea Grin and With One Last Breath. Before seeing them live, I already had high expectations, but my word the January 2012 performance just left me stunned. Knowing that these brilliant masters of new music are coming back for a 2013 tour, I asked my good friends at Sumerian Records to send me some more insane AA material to check out. It’s a good thing I did because if I didn’t I would not of discovered the greatest album I have heard in quite some time – Reckless and Relentless!

 Damn where on earth do I start with this album – it is a totally strong, mind-blowing piece of work that not did I just want to review it, as I normally do but I wanted to go crazy as though Asking Alexandria were in the room with me. Probably the track which had me going wild in an instant was ‘Dear Insanity’. A well balanced song, which combines meaningful lyrics, a pace which gets the adrenaline pumping and to give it that extra bit of oomph – the fantastic screamo talent that Asking Alexandria which give all material this band creates the perfect identity!

 All the songs on this album should be approached only by those that are prepared to let the music consume their soul and embrace what they are listening to in a way that they loose control of their senses and just have a fecking good time. Each song on the Reckless and Relentless album has its own level of energy and style – but they all give the listener a unique adrenaline rush – a rush for me that is definitely different to any other artist I have listened to in their genre.

 Another song which made me think “feck me this is good stuff” was ‘Someone, Somewhere’. The reason why is yes Asking Alexandria have brilliant screamo skills, but they also have stunning vocals when they just use their normal voices. This makes the track delicate and gentle while at the same time not taking away the powerful talent the guys always seem to maintain in everything that they do.

 Reckless and Relentless ends with the track ‘Morte et Dabo’. Wow! This song is just an insane cocktail of all the things that make Asking Alexandria a band that takes your adrenaline levels to a whole new place! Morte et Dabo is the perfect end to what is an exceptional album because when it comes to an end it leaves you thinking “woah what just happened there, I cant here what you do next Asking Alexandria!

 The band will be back in 2013 with the most spectacular UK tour – a great way to start the New Year! I don’t know about anyone else, but I really can’t wait!!!


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