Nukeateen – Reginald’s Revenge

History of Nukeateen

Nukeateen released three singles between 1996 and 1997, releasing their debut album “Ozone” in 1998, but unfortunately split in 1999. Ten years later they got back together to record the back catalogue of 48 songs that were popular live but never made it to the studio. These 48 songs will be made into 4 new albums one released every year from 2010 onwards.

Nukeateen have been busy in the studio since they reformed but took a brief break in mid 2010 to tour the UK, finishing with a support of Iron Maiden’s front man Blaze Bayley.

All 4 albums are being mastered by Legendary Producer & former member of The Butthole surfers and Ween, Mark Kramer.

Ok Here’s the Unique part! They’re recording the Drums & Bass guitar parts in their own Studio in Northamptonshire UK after which, it gets sent to Australia to record the Guitar & Vocal parts, this is because the lead Singer/Guitarist now lives in Melbourne. The first of the 4 albums is “Reginald’s Revenge”.

Nukeateenhas growing online popularity with online communities with over 100,000 fans on MySpace, and over 100,000 combined video views on YouTube (Since the launch of these sites in late 2009)

Having spoken to the awsome guys at Nukeateen I was able to listen to their fantastic album. Check out below for Sir D’s Review 🙂

The  first track to this amazing album is Molotov Cocktail. Like all cocktails this track has plenty of class, style and its own unique edge. I love this track for the simple fact that its one that gets the adrenaline going from the very start of the album.

Rather than go through the album one by one, as much as I would love too, it makes sense to just give you of some of the other tracks which stick out on this album, and I would recomend to all of you to check out.

For a masterfully created Grunge track I would definately recommend Dumbass. The vocals are brilliant, and the lyrics catchy remaining in your head even after the song is over. What is exceptional about this band is that despite only being a three member band – all members play an equal role, chipping in with vocals and instruments….which needs to be commended. Not alot of bands I have come across have used this tactic, which shows that being in a band is more than one person being centre stage.

Another track worth the mention is My Friend’s Rat.  Not only do I like it due to the name, but its grunge at its finest. Usually many people think of Grunge and automatically think of the likes of Nirvana, HOWEVER what they need to start doing, with no disrespect to Kurt Cobain, is also pay attention and take note of Nukeateen, who even after all this time can still give the listener a mind blowing experience.

The fun continues throughout this album with another personal favourite of mine, Donutman. You think you can chill to this track, well guess again. When you least expect it the amazing bass, drum and vocals kick in, making this one brilliant suprize.

Just like it is important for all good albums to have a good starting track, the ending track also has a significant role to play. Its the track which sums up the rest of the album, yet leaves the listener eager to here what more in the future is left to come. Sounds Like Me, certainly does just that. Addictive, Indulgent, and totally out of this world, I cannot get over how fecking fantastic this band and this album is. I hang my head in shame with the guilt that I did not check out Nukeateen any sooner.

Reginald’s Revenge – Get Your Hands on A Copy Today!!!

Search Nukeateen on Myspace and Facebook 🙂

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