Darkus Meets: Lauren Doyle


Photo By Ellen Dixon

By Dee 

Dee: At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to sing?

 Answer: Lauren explained that this really started back when she was younger, taking part in school shows. From this she built on her interest and started going to drama club. However this was only part of the story. Had it not been for her Grandma spotting singing lessons in the local paper, we would never be hear how amazing Lauren’s talents really are.

 Dee: Who in your opinion are your greatest supporters?

 Answer: Simply put Lauren told me that it was her family and immediate friends. Not only were they always encouraging her and proud of her achievements, but they continuously showed their support by showing up to every performance.

 Dee: How has the reaction from the local music scene to your amazing talent?

 Answer: If any of you read my review of Heart Rock Live, you would remember me explaining that what appealed to me was how Lauren was doing her own thing, and not afraid to show off her diversity and open mind as a singer. Therefore it came as no surprise when she told me that the first reaction of the crowds was one of a pleasant shock. In a way it highlighted not to judge a book by its cover, as Lauren stunned the crowds with her voice.

 Dee: Think back to your first ever performance on stage…….what was going through your head?

 Answer: Nerves can be such a funny thing when they taunt your mind. As you can imagine its quite scary going on stage. For Lauren she was frightened she would mess up and forget her words. However that did not get in her way, as she was brave to overcome her fears. What is quite lovely to know, is that once the adrenaline had kicked in, it had made her want to do it more and more.

 Dee: How long do you think it took you to feel you were ready to take your passion to the next stage and take part in gigs?

 Answer: It was not until she started to go to singing classes and taking parts in different types of shows, that Lauren felt more confident to take her talent to the next level.

 Dee: In a male dominated local music scene, what challenges have you had to face as a young female to get yourself recognised?

 Answer: It was not till I spoke to Lauren, I realised how tricky things are in the local scene. She explained it was quite hard, because not only is it restricted to gender, but it’s a matter of having a combination of luck and determination. By building good contacts, Lauren made damn sure she made the best of every opportunity.

 Dee: The first time I saw you was at Heartrock Live in December 2011 at the O2 Academy – how important are companies such as Heartrock Live for getting your music heard?

 Answer: It was easy to guess Lauren’s answer for this, as you could tell in her voice how grateful and important opportunities such as Heart Rock Live were for her music. It gave her a platform to show that she has the right to be in the local music scene as much as anyone else.

 Dee: I love the fact that you are no afraid to experiment with songs, with a wide assortment of influences in your music from All Time Low, McFly and Katie Perry. Is it a case that you have an open mind about music, or a case you are searching for an identity and sound you are most comfortable with?

 Answer: People are too quick to put artists in a box, so by giving a selection of genres, Lauren was determined to show people that she is an individual and that she is versatile.

 Dee: I know you’re a hardworking student, how easy is it to fit your music with your studies and coursework?

 Answer: Remember ladies and gents, just like everyone else Lauren has a normal life away from the music, so its understandable that she finds it hard to juggle everything at the same time. BUT in true fighter spirit, she thinks its worth it so much that she continues to push on with her dream.

 Dee: Is there anything you wish you could do differently if you could turn back the clock?

 Answer: The experiences Lauren has had to date have already taught her many valuable lessons. The most important being to be prepared for every challenge!

 Dee: With having no official manager do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

 Answer: It is a little bit of both Lauren tells me. On the one hand she loves the way she can make her own choices. However on the other hand it also creates more stress, as it takes the focus away from her concentrating on her music. In some respects she agreed that it was pretty much like a catch 22 situation.

 Dee: Have you set yourself any goals of how you want to progress your music career?

 Answer: Like any new local artist what matters to Lauren is getting her name out there, performing as much as possible. Not only is this about showing how great she is a singer with her wide array of influences, but also ensuring that people get to hear some of her own material too.

 Dee: Complete the sentence. My music shows people that ………..

 Answer: “The stuff I write has a deeper meaning. Its all about individuality and experience”. She went onto explain that people should check her out because not only does she have the passion and determination, but as an artist she is unique but current.


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