Blacklisters – Trickfuck

By Dee

Brew Records has a new, experimental band, which show how amazing UK talent really is. The name of these mighty fine individuals is Blacklisters, who originate from Leeds in West Yorkshire!

The band are due to release their latest track Trickfuck on 27th Feb 2012. Having heard a preview of the song myself, I must say I was totally speechless as to how outstanding this track was. First Impressions are really important for me when checking out new music, and all the way through this song I was not only excited but could feel myself getting more hyper and hyper to the mesmorising Blacklisters offer on Trickfuck.

In some respects you could kinda compare the Blacklisters to the likes of Showbread. For anyone who know, Showbreads work, there album Nervosa is quite experimental, taking risks to try a mixture of unusual yet addictive beats. Blacklisters could be put in the same catergory, but what gives them the edge is the fact that although Trickfuck may only be a short song, its long enough to get a feeling of how diversly talented they are as a band.

Described as dangerous chaos rockers by one magazine, not only would I agree with this, but I would also add that they have a lethal take on their music which shows the world that UK alternative music scene, should never be underestimated!

Trickfuck by the Blacklisters – Avilable 27th February 2012 – Not investing in this track would be the greatest regret ever!


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