Bite My Toungue : You Me At Six

Track Name: Bite My Tongue

Artist: You Me At Six

From The Album, Sinners Never Sleep

By Bethany Jordan

Bite my tongue, the brand new single from the YouMeAtSix’s latest album, sinners never sleep. This song is track three on the album and it sets the mood for the album perfectly, who knew a song could hold so much meaning? It’s filled with so much anger and telling you how life in a band isn’t all fun and games, you feel alone and feel like your opinion doesn’t matter. 

 Bite my tongue has guest vocals by Mr Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon who also add that anger power to the track. Not only this but this track will make old fans love them even more and it will also gain new fans too. I  wish these lads good luck for future. Due to tour theUKin March/April 2012 this is a band you definitely need  to check out now!

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