Westlife’s farewell tour: Goodbye and stay gone!

Article by Sarah May

Westlife- the ongoing pop band that’s been melting what’s now middle aged women’s hearts for fourteen years. And it was my job to show up to the Metro Radio Arena and wave goodbye to them in the best way possible. With a review telling the world that at least one person is in ecstasy they’re gone. Forever.

I began my trip by venturing rather lost through Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena helplessly pushing through the swarming crowd of screaming women. And that odd man accompanying their wife. Unless they were desperately trying to impress some girl – but then again that’s a completely different topic altogether. Getting back to the matter in hand I found my seat, rather very close to the stage and slouched down and waited impatiently; to leave.

And so it began. A light arose behind the curtain and through it I could see four figures of the pop quatro which then began to erratically burn up in flames. Had someone less interested with more distaste towards the boys set them on fire? Burned them up like a crisp in an oven? No. They were just wooden manikins used to fool the audience. And behind this burning montage from beneath the stage slowly arose the Westlife boys like astronauts in a 90’s space film. And here, I realised this probably wasn’t the last time we’d see these boys, because the DVD will soon be out to rip the braincells from our intelligent minds just as they have over and over again. Fantastic.

And so they sang at the top of their voices songs which the whole of Britain can’t forget. One of which being Uptown girl – that overly happy possibly drug induced song now placed on children’s albums along with S Club Seven and The Fast Food Song. They were dressed in a luminous blue suites; this probably to remind their excited audience that they’re a never forgotten pop band – for me however, it reminded me on how sick of my life I was at their has-been 90’s pop comeback attempt. I give my love to old Brian Mcfadden who escaped quite rightly before they embarrassed themselves so much further. Have a medal boy.

From this lively performance I (and from reading this hopefully you) have learnt that pop is for the boys, and pop comebacks only succeed when you happen to be Take That. I’d say keep the music for your radio unless you’re feeling overly giddy but sadly you really don’t have a choice. Westlife is  gone – Probably not forever. So keep an eye out for another comeback. We know it will happen.


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