Morrows Eve

Morrows Eve Interview January 12th 2012

Questions by Dee

Answers by Lewis and Karl

Dee: Why did you decide to choose the name Morrows Eve?

Lewis & Karl:  It was Scott’s idea at the time, it sounded cool and we thought it would suit our music perfectly.

Dee: Who in your opinion is your greatest supporter?

Lewis & Karl:  All of our parents support us really well; some of our friends and their friends come to a lot of our shows which means a lot to us also, so basically family, friends and friends of friends.

Dee: There is already a vibrant local music scene with lots of talented artists, what makes Morrows Eve that extra bit special?

Lewis & Karl:   I think that we are something, not new, but what we do is very creative, we put a lot of time and work into it to make it the best we can for the people who do like our music and see us live, and to stand out we just try everything we can possibly do, I wouldn’t say our music is something new and different, but we take the genre’s of post hardcore/ metalcore and expand on it and try to make it unique by putting our own spin on it and just because we have a screaming vocalist we try not to limit ourselves to breakdowns due to that.

Dee: You have been through a variety of lineup changes – how long did it take you to find a formula you were happy with?

Lewis & Karl:  We were a 4 piece for a very long time, about nearly 2 years, before finding Kris our lead vocalist now and has been for awhile, we went through 3 other bass players and found Lewis our latest through college and it seems to be we are really happy now with the members and we all work well together and we are all in it together and all agree, no arguments etc.

Dee: What was going through your head when you first went on stage?

Lewis & Karl:   The first time we ever played we were all very nervous as we had only written one of our own songs, we didn’t know what to expect from ourselves and from the audience as it was a very new experience altogether. But we enjoyed it.

Dee: At what point do you think things started to pick up for the band?

Lewis & Karl:  things started picking up very well when we finally settled with the line up that we have now, like I said, all the members seem to be the perfect formula for this band, we all try our best, agree on everything we do and love the music we make, so when we got this line up we made some of the best songs we’ve made and played the best gig’s we’ve played due to that.

Dee:  What challenges have you had to face as a young local band?

Lewis & Karl:   The challenges of money issues most of the time, also equipment issues for some of us as we are all 16 years of age it can be hard to get money altogether. And also some hard crowds and places to face, apart from that it has all gone well.

Dee: How important are companies such as HeartRock Live for getting your music heard?

Lewis & Karl:    They are very important, they helped us play a great venue which we haven’t played in a while before hand(the o2 academy) and gig promoters like these help bands a lot to get out there and form a fan base etc.

Dee: What would you say is a good length for a set for new fans to fully appreciate Morrows Eve at their finest?

Lewis & Karl:    Would say a good 30-45 minutes for this, to play all our songs, talk, have a laugh, get the crowd going best as we can and add a few covers in there that everyone can sing along to also!

Dee: Which is trickier – performing first or being the final band to take to the stage?

Lewis & Karl:   They both have their hard sides to it, playing first can be hard because people are all judging you a lot and it can be harder to get the crowd going, but playing last can be hard because everyone is tired or a lot of people have left, the middle is perfect.

Dee: What in your opinion makes a successful show?

Lewis & Karl:   When the bands play the best they can, put all the effort and energy in that they can and the crowd help them do this by giving them a great response, the crowd feeds off the band and the band feeds off the crowd, it’s vice versa and they both need to help each other and have a great time.

Dee: How do you think you have matured as band over the years?

Lewis & Karl:   As people we have not matured at all but as a band a lot, we all have become much better musicians as a whole, playing our instruments etc we have improved at, we also have matured in the music we play and write it is much more technical and meaningful then it used to be, we just try to push the boundaries of our ability always.

Dee: What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

Lewis & Karl:   The highlight would definitely be playing venues such as the o2 academy and the sage, they were amazing and great fun to play especially because of the crowd it gave us a fantastic experience! Also getting recognised by certain bands to support them and things getting this interview has also getting this interview is amazing! It’s fantastic to think that people really like our music.

Dee: How important is Facebook to raising awareness of the band? Are there any other methods you use to make people aware of Morrows Eve?

Lewis & Karl:   They are very important, especially Facebook, we used to use MySpace but it didn’t have much affect so we don’t use it anymore. Everything we need is on Facebook and if we ever need to put news out there or photos and recordings we upload it and people look, it’s great for us and our following.

Dee: Is there anything given the chance, wish you could do differently?

Lewis & Karl:   No not at all, everything took its place perfectly and worked out somehow in the end, we don’t regret anything.

Dee: With no official manager do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

Lewis & Karl:   It can be a bad thing at times for example it can be hard to find gigs/ get gigs and pay for things and get bookings for recordings, little things like that, but also good as we can do more of what we want and makes us push ourselves even more.

Dee: What is next for Morrows Eve over the next 12 months?

Lewis & Karl:  We are going to write more new songs, cover some songs that people will know for gigs if we ever need them, play a lot more gigs at many places,  try to play outside of the north east to get our name out there and especially write a proper EP and get it out there!


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