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Taproot Interview

Dee:  Hi guys, congratulations on the release of your latest album Episodes earlier this month. How does it feel?

Taproot: It’s been great. Our fans have really taken to the idea of us releasing a concept record and the response has been really good. We took a risk and tried something new for us and it feels really good to know our hard work has paid off.
Dee:  What was it about this album you wanted people to learn about Taproot when they listened to it?

Taproot: That we aren’t afraid to take risks, life is a journey and you only get one chance so make the most of it.

Dee:  From working with the legends that are Victory Records how did things change for you as a band?

Taproot: Our focus has changed. We are much more in control of our destiny, and the communication and openness between Victory and us has played a big role in that.
Dee:  What is it about your music and your band that you think makes you stand out from others in this industry?

Taproot: I think what attracts people to us is our music and our message, but what keeps them coming back for more is our accessibility and the fact that we’re down to earth guys from the mid-west. Our fans don’t just like our music, they like us as people, and I think that’s important if you want to make a career in this industry.
Dee:  what do you think is the hardest thing you have had to overcome as a band to get to where you are today?

Taproot: WhenAtlanticdropped us from their label, followed by our management and booking agent, we were left pretty high and dry. We weren’t sure what we were going to do next and how we were going to continue on. They had handled EVERYTHING! The idea of quitting never really occurred to us, but we didn’t know how to even go about continuing on because we all of a sudden had this huge hole where our support system used to be. We slowly started putting the pieces back together, learned to do everything on our own by doing some on the job training, made a few mistakes, but eventually got everything back in place. Because of this, as a band, I think we’re stronger than ever.

Dee:  When you first got together as a band was it love at first sight? or did it take some time for the chemistry to work?

Taproot: Mike and Steve had been in bands since they were in their early teens, and Jarrod and I became friends with them when we were in college. Joining the band at that point was basically just a few friends getting together to make music. We knew each other, had hung out on many occasions, so this was just another outlet for our friendship that turned into so much more.

Dee:  From doing my research I understand your music is influenced by the likes of the Deftones and Helmet. Legends in their own right, but how does Taproot add its own unique twist?

Taproot: Creating music is all about finding your own voice, taking what you’ve learned and making it your own. Steve and Mike are the main song writers, and they put in their time trying to find out who they were as musicians and writers. You can hear strong influences in their early work, but by the time Taproot formed, they were really coming into their own and creating something special and unique.

Dee:  Currently on tour, how do you think the tour over in the USAhas gone so far?

Taproot: We’ve been playing our new album “The Episodes” in its entirety on this tour and then playing some old favorites afterwards, and so far so good. It’s been a lot of fun to play all the new songs live and to see the reactions to it. When you make a new album, if you do your job properly, you’re proud of what you’ve done and you want to show it off. This is the first time we’ve gotten to play every new song on an album live.

Dee:  Are there any plans to come to the UKsoon?

Taproot: We’ve been in talks with some promoters there and will hopefully have something by year’s end.

Dee:  How easy is it to maintain your spirits and motivation during a tour?

Taproot: The down time can be boring, but when you walk on stage everything changes. I can be in the worst mood during the day but playing a live show is an incredible outlet and you’re almost always left feeling better afterwards. The live show is what keeps me motivated.

Dee:  Do you ever have time to relax when you’re on the road?

Taproot:  The day’s are repetitive but you do the best you can to stay entertained. We get together sometimes and watch some TV shows together, usually shows that don’t take too much thinking because you can be interrupted at any moment.

Dee:   When you first started in Taproot did you ever imagine you would get this far?

Taproot: I had hoped to make a career out of this, but never imagined what that would truly entail. I’m ecstatic we’re still touring and making music I’m proud of and excited for.

Dee:   Going back to the latest album – was there any particular song which was a pain to create, yet worth the heartache once finalised?

Taproot: “The Everlasting” was a huge transformation from its first conception to what it eventually became. It went from an okay song on the record to my favorite song on the record, but took a few rewrites to get it just right. Every time I hear it tho it’s a reminder of why you should keep an open mind when you’re in the studio and not be afraid to completely change a song around if it needs it.
Dee:  What has been your greatest moment in the Taproot journey so far?

Taproot: We’ve had some amazing moments from multiple Ozzfests to literally touring around the world, to attending award shows and talk shows, but I’m still hoping the best is yet to come. One cool moment I will share tho is inPhiladelphia,PAChinoand Abe from the Deftones interrupted our set to play “Teething” with us. That is a moment I will never forget, the crowd went wild, I had goosebumps. It was surreal, and I had to keep playing and remember my parts when I really just wanted to be in the audience and watch!